1CLICK DVD MOVIE - Version History (Nov 5, 2009)

Fixed: Trial version showed zero copies left when first installed on Windows 7. (Oct 28, 2009)

Fixed: Error trying to register on Windows 7. (March 18, 2008)

Fix: PAL video option not working, resulting DVDs were in NTSC format.
Fix: Importing project files ('.dvd') failed if temporary folder did not exist.

Updated the burn engine for newer DVD writers.
Updated the transcoding engine. (Jan 30, 2007) The log and settings files are now stored in the Public documents folder (Vista) and in the "...All Users/Application Data" folder for all other versions of Windows to avoid user rights issues. (Jan 19, 2006) Per-machine application data files (1clickdvdmovie.log and settings.ini) have been moved to the public documents folder. This prevents virtualization of common application data if the application is used by more than one user on Windows Vista. Further updates necessary for Vista compatibility. Name changed from 1CLICK DivxToDVD to 1CLICK DVD MOVIE. 

  • Menus can be added to the DVD and users can select the menu title.

  • AC3 encoding is now possible along with user adjustable bitrate settings.

  • Pass through for audio already in DVD compliant AC3 format (only re-encode when necessary).

  • Users can choose how many chapters they want.

  • Users can select the DVD volume name.

  • The log file window has been added to the main application window.

  • All user options are confined to an Options window to simplifiy the interface.

  • All reported bugs have been fixed.

  • This new version is VISTA compliant. New Feature: Burn Speed (permits manual selection of preferred burn speed). Dual Layer media can now be selected in the "Target Size" combo box (8.5 GB). Fixed a broken link to the User Guide when using the "Open User Guide"  button in the Registration Window. Official Release Jan 24/06 - 1CLICK DivxToDVD Trial Released October 26/05